Putzmeister America Adams Announces Successor at Putzmeister America, Inc.

Dave Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer of Putzmeister America, Inc. since January 2000, announces Peter Mendel as his successor. Adams' career with Putzmeister spans 20 years, starting with the company as its Vice President of Engineering, and his past 16 years as President and CEO.
Under Adams' leadership, Putzmeister America achieved significant success, including outstanding business growth, greatly expanded facilities in Sturtevant, several innovative product line additions, and new business developments in several countries. These accomplishments have resulted in Putzmeister as market leaders in North and South America.
Adams says, “After two decades with Putzmeister, I feel now is the right time for another individual to assume the responsibilities and new challenges ahead for Putzmeister and our industry. Peter Mendel, who joined our company as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 2015, has earned my respect and trust; and I’ll do all I can to further mentor him as he assumes the full responsibilities of his new position.”
In his new role, Mendel will assume full responsibility for overseeing Putzmeister America and its subsidiaries located in California, Houston and Mexico.
Prior to Putzmeister, his experience included more than 20 years in operations, engineering, manufacturing and quality while involved with industries, predominantly automotive,
located in the U.S., Germany and Mexico.
“Peter is well prepared to lead the company,” says Adams. “Peter's expertise and vast knowledge will be extremely beneficial to Putzmeister and our customers.”
Mendel has a wife and two young children; the family relocated to Wisconsin from Texas about a year ago when initially joining Putzmeister.
Mendel will report to Dr. Gerald Karch, CEO of Putzmeister Holding GmbH (Germany), and he will remain based at Putzmeister America’s headquarters in Sturtevant,
Wisconsin. He can be reached at mendelp@putzam.com.
Adams remains on the Putzmeister America Board of Directors, and he will also take on a significant role related to strategic business and product development. His input and presence
within the industry will remain evident at trade shows and association events. He can be reached at his same contact phone numbers at the Wisconsin Putzmeister location as well as his email atadamsd@putzam.com.